Tudor Brindus

University of Toronto
Hon. Bachelor of Computer Science, 2020

Professional Experience

Software Engineering Intern, Chrome OS Team
Mountain View, CA
May 2018 - August 2018

  • Implemented secure device setup automation using asymmetric crypto backed by Trusted Platform Module support, saving organization admins weeks when resetting thousands of devices every year
  • Obtained secure user acknowledgment in the Chrome OS recovery installer using a mix of listening on event device interfaces and GPIO polling, using only 20KB of a 300KB budget
  • Developed robust runtime detection of device form-factor based on device capabilities (e.g. keyboard)
  • Worked towards switching auto-update tooling to a newer protocol version using 5-10% less bandwidth
  • Technologies used: C, C++, Python, Bash, protobuf, OpenSSL, Linux kernel, Gentoo/Portage, git/Gerrit

Ivy Global
Software Engineering Intern
Toronto, ON
September 2016 - May 2018

  • Implemented a ground-up rewrite and redesign of the company’s main website, ivyglobal.com
  • Automated the deployment of version control branches to SSL-enabled, authenticated subdomains
  • Migrated over 50 production sites to Microsoft Azure with zero downtime, including a development VPN
  • Screened, interviewed, assessed, and provided on-going guidance for new software engineering interns
  • Technologies used: C#, ASP.NET MVC Razor, TSQL, LINQ, HTML, CSS/SASS, JavaScript/Node.js, Python

DMOJ: Modern Online Judge
Co-founder, Developer
Toronto, ON
2014 - present

  • Founded the DMOJ (dmoj.ca), an open-source platform for running programming contests, which has hosted over 150 competitions (including three national olympiads)
  • Created a distributed code execution system capable of dynamically scaling to hundreds of nodes
  • Implemented a sandbox for over 60 languages using a Linux syscall-based sandboxing approach
  • Technologies used: Python, Django, MySQL, HTML/Jade, CSS/SASS, JavaScript/Node.js, Java, C, C++

Other Experience More at tbrindus.ca/projects

Developed and contributed to dozens of open-source projects on my Github profile, Xyene

Emulator.NES, a cross-platform C# Nintendo Entertainment System and MOS 6502 CPU emulator

  • Supports 90% of all games ever published by emulating over a dozen proprietary hardware extensions

  • Focuses on code clarity by abstracting hardware components, without sacrificing performance

Nitrous Emulator, a high-performance Java Gameboy Color and Zilog Z80 CPU emulator

  • Implements fully timing-accurate Z80 instruction set and audio processor emulation

  • Supports native rendering output via OpenGL, Direct3D, X, and GDI


  • Teaching assistant for the University of Toronto’s CSC209 "Systems Programming" offering
  • Member of the University of Toronto’s ACM-ICPC team for the 2016, 2017, and 2018 seasons
  • Hack the North 2018 finalist (top 12 of 242 teams), developing a biometric 3-factor authentication device
  • 1st place team out of 400, ECOO 2015 and ECOO 2016 programming contests